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Airline & Business Jet Focused Upset Recovey

We run airline and business jet focused upset recovery courses helping to give pilots the skill to recognise and recover from unusual attitudes. Recent history is full of incidents and accidents associated with loss of control of Airline and Business jet aircraft and control either not being regained in a timely manner or not being regained at all. This worrying trend has been identified by the various regulatory authorities and in the future student pilots will be required to undergo appropriate training.

Currently there is no requirement to give real aircraft training to existing pilots.  Mandating this training would of course be very difficult because there is simply not the training capacity available. We at the British Aerobatic Academy would be very interested in helping resolve or at least mitigate the problem.
We have extensive experience working with commercial pilots, a large percentage of our clients are airline or business jet pilots.  We can offer packages that will be very enthusiastically received by line crew and could potentially save your airline billions of pounds. In short, we are offering a real life saver.


The airline upset recovery course is designed to exceed the recommendations set by EASA for future upset recovery training.  It differs from our standard Upset recovery course a several ways:


1. Reduced spin training
2. Emphasis on recovery with small negative g
3. Introduces rolling to recover from high nose attitudes
4. 4 flights instead of 5 (2 days instead of 3)
5. No power on straight and level stall to demonstrate effect of prop wash


Everything else is the same as our standard upset recovery course.


Subjects include:






Cost £940 including all landing fees at our new base (Conington EGSF)

Please do not hesitate to contact Adrian Willis either by telephone or email to discuss.
0771 2864413

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