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Adrian WillisWritten by Adrian Willis on 29th December 2016

The Chandelle or Wing Over, is a glider aerobatic figure and often features in the BAeA Club Known sequence for Powered aircraft as well. Sometimes it appears in Sports unknown sequences and when it does, causes great problems as it is not easy. It is a non-Aresti figure and therefore is not in the CIVA Aresti catalog for powered aerobatics. It is essentially a 45° up line followed by a wing-over and a 45°down line. It is important to fly it properly if you are to do well in Club level competitions.

Judging Criteria

(from BAeA website)
This is not strictly an ‘Aresti’ figure, but demands skill and accurate in-balance flying.Chandelle

Look for:

  1. A smooth pull to 45°.
  2. A straight wings-level line at 45° while the speed decays.
  3. A smoothly co-ordinated roll and pull to the left or the right so that as the aircraft reaches a horizontal flight path with the wings between vertical (90° and a 135° angle of bank – less or more than this is a downgrade at 1 point per 5°.
  4. The pull continues but with the roll direction reversed so that the aircraft reaches a 45° downwards line parallel to the entry line with the wings level, the second half of the pull/roll segment being a mirror of the first. A 45° down-line.
  5. A smooth pull to exit wings-level at an altitude that may be higher or lower than the entry line.

How to Fly a Chandelle or Wing-Over

In this example we will assume that the HASELL checks have been completed and height and speed is sufficient and it is trimmed to 1/2 a G.

Aircraft Wing Sight - 45 Up

Aircraft Wing Sight - 45 Down

Common Mistakes

Flying a good Chandelle to these judging criterea takes practice and certainly teaches you a lot about flying at high angles of attack at very low airspeed, learning the correct technique will save you hours of fruitless practice. Any questions, please ask below.

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