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The air experience flights at the British Aerobatic Academy are a once in a life time experience that are remembered forever. Whilst they are great fun and something you will always remember, it is nice to share the experience with others. With our 'Video Your Experience' package, you can keep a video of your experience to show others and to upload to social media should you wish. 

The video is the main highlights of your flight, compiled from multiple cameras in order to get the best shots. You will receive a memory stick with the a video compiled from 3 cameras on the aircraft. The video will be edited to make it more concise and lasts for approximately 20 minutes.  IN addition you will receive a spherical video that you can post to youtube to watch in virtual reality.  We charge £100 because that represents a fair contribution to the costs of producing the video.


Great Add On's

  • Aerobatic Experience -Introduction
  • Aerobatic Experience - Intermediate
  • Aerobatic Experience - Extreme
  • Fly  in either our 2 seater (1 pilot and 1 passenger) or 4 seater (1 pilot and 3 passengers)


To Claim the Voucher

Once purchased, we will contact you to discuss whether you want the voucher emailed through (best if you need the voucher quickly) or posted. The voucher is valid for 1 year from the purchase date. To go flying the recipient simply telephones or emails the British Aerobatic Academy with the voucher code to make a booking. All flights are from Conington Airfield.

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