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Advanced UPRT Instructor Course

Cost £2,250


We have years of experience teaching aerobatics, FI training and Aerobatic Instructor training.  We are fully certified to teach the Adv UPRT instructors.

The Advanced UPRT course demands various qualities from the instructor, perhaps the most important being safety pilot. This role demands that the instructor delivers a safe course meaning he has sufficient experience and ability to ensure the aircraft never enters a condition that makes recovery with a large safety factor, difficult. This course tests this experience and ability but having just 1 + 4 flying hours, cannot be expected to provide the foundations necessary. EASA suggest that an aerobatic rating provides that skill set but being expert in this field, we suggest that this is not necessarily the case. For example and aerobatic rating gained at our Academy will probably result in dramatically greater experience than an aerobatic rating gained elsewhere perhaps on a C150 aerobat where most of the course is spent climbing and the figures flown would be far fewer.

We are not focussed on the money. Our aim is to further aviation generally and aerobatics specifically. Before starting this course, delegates are required to pass a 1 hour acceptance flight. If at the end of this flight we believe you need some pre-course training, we will say so. We hope people coming to us will have the maturity to realise we would do this only for your benefit.

Adv UPRT Instructors teaching for the FCL 745a course require to be  qualified in accordance with FCL.915(e):


Prior to completing the UPRT instructor course the instructor shall:

Ground Training

7 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction: 

Flying Training

The course includes 4 hours of dual flying instruction and also a 1 hour per-course assessment flight (included in the cost


By the end of the course  you will be able to: 


Advanced UPRT instructors require refresher training each year at an appropriately certified ATO. The competence required to instruct on the Advanced UPRT course should be assessed to the satisfaction of the Head of Training

Refresher Training for UPRT Instructional Privileges

Cost £500 

(unless further training is required)

The objective of the refresher training is for the instructor to maintain or re-obtain, as applicable, the level of competence required for instructing on the advanced UPRT course

The content of the refresher training includes:

On completion of the refresher training, the instructor’s log book  will be signed by the HT of the ATO.