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The British Aerobatic Academy runs AOPA Aerobatic Courses on behalf of AOPA. The courses cover a variety of aerobatic manoeuvres, following the AOPA Aerobatic Course syllabus of instruction in order to encourage pilots who wish to become proficient in aerobatics. There are three courses; Beginners, Standard and Intermediate and cover different aerobatic manoeuvres starting off with basic figures, flying an aerobatic sequence and gradually introducing more difficult figures and sequences.

The AOPA aerobatic course was put together with the help of the British Aerobatic Association (BAeA) in order to encourage pilots who wish to become proficient in aerobatics to undertake the right training through a properly structured course. The course consists of both a flying section and a theoretical knowledge section. The theory part is a minimum of eight hours, four hours of briefings/lectures, to be given by one of our instructors,  and four hours of self study – learning the Aresti figures and going through how to fly each figure.

The EASA Aerobatic rating follows the same syllabus as the AOPA Basic course but requires that students have an EASA licence and also have 40 hours as pilot after issue of licence.

All costs are plus a landing fee of £10 per sortie

Beginners Course (also the EASA Aerobatic rating course)

Cost £1,400

Standard Course

Cost £2,240

Intermediate Course

Cost £2,240


If you already have extensive aerobatic experience but wish to obtain any of the AOPA Aerobatic Certificates, you can simply book an AOPA Aerobatic flight test with one of our Aerobatic Instructors.

How To Book

To book a course, email or telephone 07712864413