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Pre CPL and IR Hour Building

Getting your hour building strategy right is a perfect way of to give yourself a fantastic foundation on which to build your entire flying career. If done optimally, it is a great way to  improve your flying skills ready for CPL and IR training. Avoid just hiring the cheapest plane and flying around until you have accumulated the […]

Extra 200 Start Procedure

This is a quick guide to the startup and line up checks for the Extra 200. Learning these checks will help when converting to the Extra. Pre-Start Procedure (cold) Canopy closed and locked Harness tight Headset on Flight Controls – Check Full and Free Movement Fuel to Centre tank (horizontal) Propeller Fully Fine (Pushed in) […]

Spinning Part 2, The Aerodynamics of a Spin

When an aircraft wing “stalls”, the airflow detaches from the wing and reduces lift and increases drag. The stall is the name given to this condition which is caused by the angle of attack (alpha) being excessive or going beyond critical. The speed this occurs at varies according to various factors including G, weight, power […]

Spinning Part 1 – Overcoming the Fear of Spinning

During your flying training, you may have been lucky enough to experience a spin. Unfortunately it is no-longer a syllabus requirement for either the PPL or CPL course. So quite probably you will only have been taught how to avoid spin situations. Undoubtedly this absence of experience will have contributed to the mystique of the […]

Preparations for 2016 season

Next years competition calendar is published see aerobatic-training and soon next years sequences will be released. Time to start training! Gary Player is often quoted as saying that his success was down to pure luck …and the funny thing he discovered was that the more he practiced, the luckier he got. Although the origins of […]