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Inward Rolling Turn

The rolling turn or rolling circle is the king of aerobatics. I remember how I worked so hard to perfect it and thought I was flying it quite well, I was always a bit miffed that the judges didn’t agree but several years later I realised how much better I was able to fly it! […]

Positive Flick Rolls

A well executed flick roll (called ‘snap roll’ in the USA) is a truly spectacular figure. ┬áIt should be explosive and dramatic but also meet the judging criteria. The figure is executed so rapidly that it is difficult to judge. In an effort to improve judging accuracy, judges can allocate a “Perception Zero” or PZ. […]

Hasell Checks and Why Do we Do Them

Aimed at – entry level aerobatics HASELL checks are designed to make sure everything is good prior to doing stuff that might result in the aircraft entering an unusual attitude, being on the fringes of control or being out of control and consuming a large amount of height during the recovery process. Of course the […]