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Adrian WillisWritten by Adrian Willis on 14th January 2017

The half Cuban-Eight combines a loop element, a 45° line and a half roll. It is a nice aerobatic figure and regularly features in Club, Sportsman and Intermediate level competitions as well as in later levels, though there tend to be several additional embellishments at Advanced and Unlimited. Whilst relatively straight forward, there are several key training points that differentiate those who fly it well and those that don’t.

Judging Criteria

How to Fly a Half Cuban Eight

Half-Cuban Eight

In this example I will assume that the HASELL checks have been completed and height and speed is sufficient and it is trimmed to 0 G.

Aircraft Wing Sight - 45 Down Inverted

Aircraft Wing Sight - 45 Down

How to Fly a Reverse Half Cuban Eight

Reverse Half-Cuban Eight

Aircraft Wing Sight - 45 Up

Aircraft Wing Sight - 45 Up Inverted

Common Mistakes

The judging criteria has been taken from CIVA Section 6 part 1 PDF from the CIVA website.

Flying a good half-Cuban takes practice. Learning the correct technique will save you hours of fruitless practice. Any questions, please ask below. To book aerobatic training, contact Adrian at or call or message him at 07712864413. Please subscribe to our blogs as the more interested readers we have, the easier it is to justify on-going resources!