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The British Aerobatic Academy has teamed up with Wings Alliance to offer a combined APS MCC & Advanced UPRT course.

This high-quality combined course can be completed by any flying student going through the modular route, even if they are not already a Wings Alliance cadet.


What is the APS MCC?

Before becoming a fully qualified airline pilot, you must pass a multi-crew cooperation course, or MCC. This helps you adapt to operating a commercial plane with another pilot.

The APS, or Airline Pilot Standard, is the newest recognised MCC course, and considered to be the most thorough – with twice the number of hours as the basic MCC.

Find out more about the Wings Alliance APS MCC.


What is UPRT?

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training is designed to give pilots the skills to prevent and deal with serious events such as stalls and spins. Since December 2019 it has been mandatory for pilots to complete the Advanced UPRT before starting an MCC Course.


The UPRT course

Here, at the British Aerobatic Academy, we have a fleet of high-quality aircraft and expert instructors, ideal for the UPRT course. The British Aerobatic Academy has been selected to run the Wings UPRT due to their unparalleled experience and reputation.




What does the course include?

On completion of the UPRT course, applicants will be issued with a certificate of course completion by the British Aerobatic Academy.


Theoretical Knowledge

A review of basic aerodynamics typically applicable to aeroplane upsets in transport category aeroplanes, including case studies of incidents involving potential or actual upsets.

Possible physiological and psychological effects of an upset, including surprise and startle effect

Strategies to develop resilience and mitigate startle effect


Training in techniques to recover from:

Training to develop resilience and to employ strategies to mitigate the startle effect. Specifically, the course has taken input from several major airlines, to ensure there is no negative training and it best equips the graduates for their ongoing sim based UPRT.

Further information about the British Aerobatic Academy Advanced UPRT course.

Full Course Price: £8200


To be eligible, you must have:


We’re here to help

To apply for this course please either email our training advisor or call on +44 (0)1275 345 914.