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Experience the buzz of flying with an air experience flight in our classic 2 seat aircraft. You will get to fly in classic, 1940's Cessna 140 aircraft. Its beautiful and elegant and a joy to fly in and explore the local sights, or watch from the sky as your friend or family member enjoys the thrill of aerobatics.


Great Add On's

  • Video the experience with our great video package
  • Watch in the comfort of a non-aerobatic plane while someone else experiences aerobatic with our Introduction, Intermediate and Extreme Aerobatic Experiences


To Claim the Voucher

Once purchased, we will email you the voucher The voucher is valid for 1 year from the purchase date. To go flying the recipient simply telephones or emails the British Aerobatic Academy with the voucher to make a booking. All flights are from Conington Airfield.


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