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Experience the thrill of aerobatics and formation flying with a 'Formation Aerobatic Experience'. You will get to experience a formation takeoff, formation aerobatics including a loop, quarter clover, barrel roll, wing over, half Cuban-Eight and stall turn (Hammerhead). You'll then get a chance to experience a tail chase before rejoining the circuit for a run and break low pass and landing.

This gift voucher is available for 2 people. The 'Formation Aerobatic Experience' is relatively low G and typically range between +4G and -3G.

You will get to fly in an Extra 200, which is a fully aerobatic aircraft with a carbon fibre wing, full length ailerons and is certified to +/-10G. Here at the British Aerobatic Academy, our aerobatic instructors have years of aerobatic competition flying and currently compete in the British Aerobatic championships at advanced level. They will go at your own pace and will make sure it is an experience that you will never forget. Aerobatics are the ultimate adrenaline rush and the perfect gift for an adrenaline junky! 


Great Add On's

  • Video the experience with our great video package
  • Watch them while they fly by flying close by in either our 2 seater (1 pilot and 1 passenger) or 4 seater (1 pilot and 3 passengers)


To Claim the Voucher

Once purchased, we will email you the voucher. The voucher is valid for 1 year from the purchase date. To go flying the recipient simply telephones or emails the British Aerobatic Academy with the voucher to make a booking. All flights are from Conington Airfield.



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