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We run aerobatic spinning and¬†upset recovery courses so that pilots have the skill to recognise and recover from unusual attitudes. A flight “Upset” is something that causes the aircraft to end up in a position that you are not familiar with and not currently equipped to recover from. For example, some turbulence can result in you being upside down, or very near to inverted. Our Upset Recovery Course will give you the training and skills necessary to recover from these extreme conditions and also to anticipate them and avoid them in the first instance. We believe it is an essential course for all non-aerobatic pilots, a real life saver course that will expand your flying envelop, give you great enjoyment and justifiable self confidence.

The above chart shows that loss of control remains responsible for approx 25% of fatal GA crashes. This course will give you the knowledge necessary to avoid being a statistic by developing your flying skills but also by growing your knowledge and awareness of the real hazards that could lead to an “Upset” and potential loss of control.

The course is customised to meet everybody’s unique needs. On completion all pilots will be an expert on the subject. Knowledge dispels fear!

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Cost: £1,044

To book a course, email or telephone 07712864413


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